Hi, and welcome to Closet Envy Consignment!  We are so excited to have you here and interested in either Consigning, Shopping, or both at our event!  Here is a little bit about how Closet Envy got started….I was cleaning out my closet one day, getting nauseous at the amount of things I didn’t wear, a lot of which still had tags on them.  I’ve sold at consignment stores before, but I only get 50% return on sold items.  I contacted a small group of my friends and asked if anyone wanted to clean out their closet, and we could all shop eachothers things… it would be so fun, and we could all make a little money (which of course would be spent buying someone else’s stuff… ha!) Well, what started as a small group of about 8 women, grew into an event where over 250 people were invited to come shop… just by word of mouth in the matter of 2-3 weeks.  I ended up having over 2000 items IN MY HOME, and a VERY successful sale!  It was a great deal of work, an invaluable learning experience for me (I didn’t make any money on this), and it was worth every minute over an entire month of planning and setting up.  The feedback and excitement from the women involved was overwhelming!  Soooo…Closet Envy Consignment was born!

Craft 51My name is Becki Craft!  I have 3 children….an 8 year old son, an almost 5 year old son, and a 2 year old daughter.  I love being home with my kids, but I also equally love having a career.  The expectations and desires for my life have seemed impossible to meet….I want to be fully available to my children and husband, and their schedules, I want a meaningful, successful job that I’m passionate about, and I want to be charitable and give back.  Creating Closet Envy has given me all of that, plus far more than I ever imagined!

I have a love for fashion and expensive designer brands, as a lot of women do, but I can’t always afford to pay retail at a department store. I love the idea of recycling high end clothing, shoes, and accessories! This event allows women to sell their new or gently used items and earn up to 75% return. It allows women who dream of having a Louis Vuitton handbag but can’t afford to spend $2000 in a department store, to buy one at this event for $700 (just as an example). The best part of it for me…. the giving back. You, as consignors, help me to be able to give back to some amazing local charities.  We, as a CEC family, donate clothing, shoes, accessories, and CASH to local women’s charities.

So what do YOU do with the things you no longer wear?

We hold semi-annual women’s consignment events in the DFW area.  Currently we are doing high end women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories (which includes purses, jewelry, hats, belts, etc), in ALL SEASONS.  You can shop our events and find designer items at 30-90% off original retail. All of our items are in excellent, almost new used condition.  Many of them are still brand new with tags!  You don’t want to miss shopping at our events!

Another great opportunity is to become a consignor and sell the items you no longer wear or use.  You can make great money as a consignor, making up to 75% return on your total sales, when you volunteer.  See complete details on our website!  As a consignor and/or volunteer, you receive a pass to shop our pre-sale the night before we open up to the public.  This is your chance to snag up all the best stuff!!

Don’t have time to drop your items off?  No problem!  We offer a pickup and delivery service for a fee.  Need help cleaning out and organizing your closet?  No problem!  You can contact us for more information!  We would be happy to come help you through the cleaning out process! See our Add-On Packages for more details.

So what are you waiting for?  Clean out that closet, make some extra money, and restock your closet with some amazing brands!

Thank you to everyone involved…our Volunteers, Consignors, Shoppers….this event is as successful as you want it to be!  Pass the word on….share our Facebook Page, pass out flyers, invite friends and family to participate!

I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces at the next Closet Envy Consignment Event!!

Much Love,

Becki Craft