Consignment is selling your new and gently used items, with the opportunity to put some extra money in your pocket!  There are so many benefits to consigning!  As a consignor at our event, you earn 70% of your total sales.  If you volunteer for just one 3 hour shift, you earn 75%, plus you get to shop our pre-sale the night before we open to the public.  Did you know most consignment stores only give you 50% of your sales?  So many of us spend so much money on great clothes, shoes, and handbags…..we wear them a few times, and we’re ready to move on to the next great things we’ve just purchased.  So what do you do with those things you no longer wear or use?  Do they just sit in your closet, taking up room?  Did you know that there’s someone out there who would give those things lots of love, AND put some money in your pocket?  Why shouldn’t we recycle our designer clothing and accessories?  It’s a win/win for the seller and the shopper!

It’s fun and it’s EASY!  Simply just register HERE to become a consignor.  You pay a $15 registration fee, and then you can then start loading your items into inventory.  You set the price, enter a brief description, decide if you want to discount your item 50% for the last day of the sale, and decide whether you want to donate unsold items or not.  Then print your tags and attach them to your items, and schedule an appointment for drop off during one of our drop off dates.  Don’t forget to read all about items accepted, item prep, tagging, etc. There are very specific instructions, but the procedures we have in line keep our sale organized, easy, and the most enjoyable experience for everyone!

Does this seem overwhelming for you?  Visit our ADD-ON SERVICES page and let us know where we can help take some of the stress off you!  We offer some great packages, where we can basically do all the work for you if that’s what you need!

After the sale, if you have chosen to donate your unsold items, we will donate them to one of our women’s charities and we will provide you with a donation receipt.  Or you can pick them up by the pickup deadline date.

You can keep your unsold items for our next sale.  All tags can be transferred to future sales….so the hard part is done!  You just have to store them!