PRICE TO SELL!!!!  You are putting a great deal of time and energy into cleaning out your closet, and consigning your items.  Price things as you wish, but keep in mind there are thousands of items for our shoppers to choose from.  You want to be competitive!  The 2 things that make a consignor the most successful are offering the public high end great quality items, and making them feel like they’ve gotten a really good deal!  Those are the things that will keep our shoppers coming back to our events to buy YOUR things!  Try to put yourself in the shoppers mind….what would YOU buy this item for?

A general rule of thumb is to price things at 40-50% retail value if they are NEW WITH TAGS. And go down from there….25-35% for other items.  Of course brand and condition should be considered.

This is just a guideline. Everyone consigns for different reasons…. if you are only looking to make money back, you may price things higher, even though you take the chance of your items not selling if they’re priced too high.  If you are looking to just get rid of things, you may price things lower.  I know many of you never want to see those things again!

Don’t forget….you can choose to donate your unsold items!   Our charities would be so grateful for any donation!