Once you have registered to be a consignor, you will have access to your account.  This is where you will enter each of your items into inventory.  Then you will convert that inventory into tags, which will open as a pdf format, and they will be ready to print on your printer at home.


  • Tags will include: consignor #, item description, size, price, Discount Yes or No & Donate Yes or No.
    Each consignor will determine if they will:
  • Keep their item at full price or discount to ½ OFF during the last day of the sale
  • Donate the item after the sale by selecting “Yes” or “No” from the drop down box.  If you choose to not donate your unsold items, you will need to pick up your items by the pickup date.

To Print: use an inkjet printer with a normal (not best quality) printout.  The barcode needs to appear crisp and clear.  Be sure your printer has been calibrated and set-up correctly.  Note: you can save your tags as a pdf file and print them anywhere.  Any copy center can print them if you don’t have a printer.



  • Attach your tag to the front of each hanging garments. We prefer tags be located on the front top right of the item.
  • Some garments are too delicate to pin tags to the front. For those special garments or when using a tagging gun, we recommend attaching tags to a seam or inside label.
  • Tags must be securely attached to shoes with ribbon and hole punch, safety pins or packing tape. Shoppers will be handling and trying them on.  DO NOT tie your shoes together.
  • When using packing tape on shoes, be sure it sticks.  If not, tape to the inside of the shoe or use ribbon and hole punch.
  • DO NOT attach tags to shoe boxes.
  • Attach tags to other loose accessories using a tagging gun, ribbon or safety pins.
  • Tag jewelry using ribbon and hole punch. Earrings can be attached to card stock tag by pushing them directly through the tag and tape on the back to further secure the earrings.