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Earn Cash on Clothes, Update Your Wardrobe, and Give Back to Non-Profit Women’s Charities

APRIL 20, 2015 – Irving, TX – The first one-of-a-kind, public “all seasons” women’s consignment event will premiere June 5-7, 2015. Closet Envy Consignment is a 3-day event where women can consign their new or very gently-used, high-end, designer clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and most other accessories and earn up to 75% return on their total sales. But beyond cleaning out their closet and re-stocking, consignors have the opportunity if they so choose, to be charitable in donating their unsold items after the sale, or making a monetary donation from their proceeds to one of the pre-selected local women’s charities.  Pricing is specifically targeting the budget-conscious or bargain-savvy woman who seeks designer goods at a savings of 30 to 90 percent off retail costs.

“Women have been known to have hundreds to thousands of dollars in clothing, shoes, and handbags sitting in the closet – unworn and taking up space,” Becki Craft, founder of Closet Envy, says. “While consignment stores can be hit or miss or even non-existent in some areas of the city, women with closets full of clothes should balk at only receiving 50 percent of the selling price of the item back – the current standard in most consignment stores.  However, our event allows the consigner to earn up to 75% on their sales!”

As an added bonus, on June 4, the evening before the Closet Envy Consignment Event a Pre-Sale for Volunteers and Consignors will be held at this year’s easily-accessible location in Irving, right off Hwy 161 and 183 at 5325 FAA Blvd. Suite 150, 75061. Registration is now open for consignors online at

When a woman walks into a Closet Envy Consignment Event, the look of excitement on her face says it all…..”Ahhhh it’s like closet heaven!” Craft launched Closet Envy Consignment events for the public after hosting private sales in her own home. As a stay-at-home mom of three, she realized that by simply asking a small group of friends over,

everyone could clean out their closets, sell their items to one another and then re-fresh their wardrobes for a fraction of the cost of a new one!  As word spread, this “at-home” business grew from 10 to 250 invitees within three weeks!  Closet Envy next hosted 29 consignors with over 2,000 items – all in Craft’s home.  This was no small feat! Organizing, setting-up, moving furniture and accommodating racks took over a month. Craft completed ALL the tagging and set up without charging a fee or percentage of sales.  From this learning experience laced with mounting excitement and positive feedback, the Closet Envy Consignment Event will debut for the general public June 5-7.

Besides its niche of designer apparel and accessories, Craft feels Closet Envy is also set apart based on selection. “The ‘All Seasons’ designation is important because we live in Texas…it can be 50 degrees on Easter and 80 degrees in January. You never know!” Craft says. “We don’t want to limit the selection based on the current weather.”

Coupled with great deals on quality goods regardless of the season, Craft has incorporated her mission – to give back to needy women in the area – with her business.  Closet Envy Consignment will donate unsold items (at the seller’s discretion), as well as any monetary donations the seller chooses to contribute to Attitudes & Attire and Nexus Recovery Center. For those wishing to consign but lacking the time, Closet Envy also has limited VIP options available, which allows participation with Closet Envy handling all the facets of the consignor’s sale preparation for a premium.

To learn more about this upcoming event, please contact:

Becki Craft, Founder

Mobile: (972) 567-3254


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