About Our Pre-Sale

Our Pre-Sale will be open on the evening before we open to the public.  The Pre-Sale is open to all of our Volunteers and Consignors.  If you are a Consignor, we will give you your pass to shop our Pre-Sale when you drop off your items.  If you are a Volunteer, but not a Consignor, we will email your pass to you!  You have the chance to shop and get first pick on all our merchandise!  We also have a ½ off Pre-Sale on Sunday morning before opening to the public for our last day.  MANY items have been selected by their sellers to mark down 50% off on the last day, and only select people get the first opportunity to shop this Pre-Sale.

Here are the details and requirements to shop both the Pre-Sales.  Please note, the more shifts you volunteer to work, the earlier you get to come shop:


Thursday, Oct 8th:  5-9 pm for VOLUNTEERS and CONSIGNORS Only!!

  • Volunteers who work THREE or more 3-hour shifts get to come shop when the doors open at 5 pm.
  • Volunteers who work TWO 3-hour shifts get to come shop starting at 6 pm.
  • Volunteers who work ONE 3-hour shift and ALL CONSIGNORS (even if you have not volunteered) get to come shop at 7 pm.


Sunday,October 11th: 10am – 12pm (we open to the public at 12pm)

  • This sale is ONLY for Volunteers who have worked THREE or MORE 3-hour shifts!!  Our sale is only successful because of all our volunteers, and we want to THANK YOU for volunteering your time!!

Click here to be a Consignor.

Click here to be a Volunteer.