Why should I volunteer at the Closet Envy Consignment Event?

Our best answer is….why shouldn’t you volunteer?  There are nothing but perks to being a volunteer at our event!  First, it is SO much FUN!!  You will meet so many amazing women, build new friendships, and enjoy in the love of fashion!  As a volunteer, YOU are one of the reasons why we are able to have this event.  We rely on our volunteers to make the event successful!  As a volunteer, you receive a pass to shop our Pre-Sale the night before we open to the public.  The more shifts you sign up for, the earlier you get to shop!  You will get first dibs on everything!  Also, if you are a Consignor, you should volunteer because you will earn 5% more back on your total sales. Consignors who volunteer earn 75% of their sales.  Consignors who don’t volunteer earn 70%.

How long are the volunteer shifts?

Each shift is 3 hours.  There are many shifts throughout many days you can sign up to volunteer.  We hope at least one of those shifts works within your schedule!

What are some of the things I would do as a volunteer?

  • Drop Off & Set-Up
    • Inspect items as Consignors drop off to ensure they meet our “accepted” requirements.
    • Check-in Consignors accepted items
    • Prepare and organize items for the sale
    • Place items onto the sales floor
  • During open sale hours
    • Assist with Check-Out/folding and bagging of items
    • Assist shoppers in the jewelry section
    • Assist shoppers in the shoes section
    • Assist shoppers in the handbag and accessories section
    • Manage fitting room areas
    • Organize and re-stock the sales floor
    • Greeting and security at the front door (security just means, make sure nobody walks out without checking out first).
  • After Sale, Tear Down, and Pick-Up
    • Sort unsold items by consignor #
    • Bag items marked as Donate
    • Assist consignors at Pick-Up
    • Break down racks, organize, and pack up supplies


What if I sign up for a shift and I’m not able to make it?


PLEASE we beg of you to give us as much notice as possible!  Your shift will have to be filled by someone else.  If you’re able to switch shifts with someone, or find someone else to work your shift we would greatly appreciate it.  However, we know things do come up last minute that are unavoidable, but we just ask to let us know ASAP!  If you NO SHOW a volunteer shift, and don’t fulfill your obligation, future participation in our sales will be suspended…that means Consigning, Volunteering, and shopping our Pre-Sales.  If you are a Consignor and NO SHOW a volunteer shift, a fee of $25.00 will be deducted from your check and you will not be able to participate in the future.  We know this sounds unreasonable to some people, but we take our Sale very seriously.  If we don’t have serious volunteers, the event will not be successful for everyone.